Leather Messenger Bag - Melbourne

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Just as high-spirited and vibrant is Melbourne, the same vibe is noticeable in this leather messenger bag. Whether you’re a school goer or a professional commuting to office every day, we guarantee this brown leather bag will elevate your style like nothing else!

  • Refreshing New Look

    – Melbourne bag has a completely out of the ordinary look. It’s nothing like those leather bags you see every day. This stark difference is contributed by front pockets, premium styled buckles and especially the briefcase like overall appeal.
  • Store 1000 Items

    – whether you’re planning a weekend visit to the countryside, a professional business meets with your partners or looking for a daily office accessory – this super-commodious bag can store all of your items whilst still maintaining posture. Flip the flap open to find a large sized compartment with several other small pockets inside. This slinger lets you carry notebooks, stationery, cosmetics, electronics, snacks, and pretty much anything small to medium sized.
  • Walk Freely

    – the Melbourne Messenger Bag is one of a kind – its sleek and compact build, paired with an ergonomic design lets you walk freely. The bag won’t hit your legs or interfere with your gait in any way. So move around like a BREEZE!
  • Impeccable Build Quality

    – we have used top quality cow leather to make it last a lifetime. Stitching is top-notch and the base is lined to make the bag sit upright.
  • Additional Storage

    – stock your earphones, passport, ID documentation, pen, and other small items in the full-size back pocket for ease of access.

Size Convenience – 11” H x 16” L