Tobacco Pouch - Jason

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Bi-folding Jason makes for a handy companion for your pipes!

Equipped with snap fasteners, now accessing your tobacco is a quick exercise. Plus, the fasteners are tight enough not to open up accidently. Keep your tobacco protected. This tobacco pouch is crafted from genuine buffalo leather and is both stain and scratch resisant.

  • Perfect Assortment

    – now keep your smokes, tobacco and rolling papers organized much better. Find what you’re looking for in the first attempt!
  • Retains Moisture

    – the tobacco pouch due to its leather composition and interior retains moisture in the tobacco, keeping it fresh and flavourful.
  • Spacious Compartment

    – you get one spacious compartment inside the spectacular brown tobacco pouch. Store your tobacco to enjoy it on the go!
  • Clip-on Button Closure

    – opening and shutting the pouch is now quicker and a lot easier. With clip-on button, feel the therapeutic ‘click’ sound every time you close it shut.
  • Slip Compartment

    – multiple slip compartments are located in the inside to keep your ‘stuff’ organized.

Size – 15 cm Tall x 15 cm Wide.