Passport wallet - Perth

Passport Wallet - Perth

Whether you are travelling abroad, or just need something nice looking and durable to hold your cards in, vintage leather is the ideal option for functionality, as well as fashion.

Our leather passport wallets, or even just every day-use men’s wallets is not only a functional and fashionable choice but going for handmade leather also offers a high environmentally friendly option too.

The creation of our handmade leather goods needs a lot less energy than mass produced, factory created passport and men’s wallets. Because of the difference in energy use, handmade leather passport wallets are much eco-friendlier. However, that is not all.

Handmade leather wallets and passport holders are also created without the numerous harmful chemicals that are used during processing in other larger-scale manufacturing chains.

Purchasing handcrafted leather products is also good for giving the economy a boost, as creating and purchasing handmade leather goods keeps jobs and money within your community rather than sending it elsewhere to a large factory or corporation.

So, while you are storing your cards, or protecting your passport while jet setting across the world, you can also be helping yourself become more fashionable and eco-friendly in one move.

Aside from their green nature, leather passport wallets and card wallets are also a fantastic investment because leather is a very strong material that holds up well over time. So, no matter how much you travel, or use the wallet, it will remain looking good for ages.

If functionality and eco-friendliness are as important as a return on your investment, then there really is no better option than a handmade leather passport wallet, or even an everyday men’s wallet for cards.

Not only will you be helping cut down on the use of harmful chemicals, but you will also be getting a product that looks good, smells good, and will last you a long, long time.

Passport Wallet Specifications,

  • Color : Brown
  • Width 4" (10 cm) Height 6" (15 cm) 

You are sure to get many compliments when you carry this perfect leather passport wallet. Buy now this leather passport wallet to add in your collection.