Leather Duffle Bag - Colorado



Colorado leather duffle bag is the perfect companion for your short trip or long weekend getaway. Perfectly sized bag to keep your all travel needs to be sorted. Made from the carefully selected leather hide and handmade by experienced craftsmen.

  • Extra Large Pocket

    – Extra-large front pocket for easy excess for your all-important gadgets or travel documents with ease of two buckle locks to keep your stuff safe and at the same time secure.
  • Two Side Pockets

    –Two large side pockets to keeping your phone chargers, headphones, and other gadgets handy.
  • Zipper Closure

    – opening up the top belt closure reveals a wide zipper through which you can access its contents quite easily.
  • Carrying Freedom

    – carry it just the way you like – on your body, in a plane, or on a horse – you get complete freedom. With twin handles, adjustable shoulder strap, and side hooks, the leather bag can be carried around easy-peasy!
  • Size – 10” H x 22” L x D 10”

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