Leather Messenger Bag - Cordoba

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Leather Messenger Bag - Cordoba

Leather can often be overlooked in the world of messenger bags because there is a misconception that leather messenger bags are not durable or cannot be applied to as many outfits functionally. The truth of the matter is that leather messenger bags are some of the most durable ones on the market, and the sharp look is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are dressing down to head to class, or strutting into the office, a leather messenger bag is the perfect fit. In fact, our classic vintage leather messenger bag is the perfect accessory for dressing nearly outfit up without making it stand out of place. The simplest of outfits can be elevated to the next level by the simple act of throwing a leather messenger bag across your shoulders.

As for the durability, our high-quality, handmade leather messenger bags are created by individuals with an intense attention to detail, which means that every seam is made with care, and quality in mind.

Pairing the high-level of craftsmanship with the fact that leather is a tough, rugged material, it is easy to see that a leather messenger bag will have no issues being slung over your shoulder day in and day out for years to come.

While some might fret at the cost of a high-quality handmade leather messenger bag, knowing that it will last you a long time is sure to help. Rather than spending money on trends, or lesser quality items, pay once for leather messenger bag and have it for years to come, outliving any trends that may pop up here and there.

Vintage leather messenger bags are also very eco-friendly as they are created without the use of harmful chemicals that are used in the process of manufacturing mass-produced messenger bags. The handcrafted nature of these messenger bags also allows them to be created with the use of less energy than other bags, adding to their environmentally friendly nature.

Messenger Bag Specifications,

Dimensions:  L 18" x 11" H

Note: Our Vintage leather bags are organically tanned and handmade, hence each product is unique and the color of item might slightly vary as are made out of different leather cut out. And due to different computer screens. The leather used in this bag darkens with usage (and makes it more attractive) so do not worry much about the colour. The leather being treated naturally MAY sometimes have some odour which fades away in just a few days of use. Leather used is full grain leather, Full grain leather retains the scars / marks on the leather skin giving each bag a vintage feel & different look.

You are sure to get many compliments when you carry this beautiful leather messenger bag. Buy now this vintage leather messenger bag to add in your collection.


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