Leather Duffle Bag - Denver

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Carrying your luggage is quite a feat if your bag doesn’t have an ergonomic design. Most of the Leather duffle bag in the market bog you down and you literally have to haul them through the railway platform. Our leather duffle bag – Denver is designed keeping this in view, and we assure you, this overnight bag will leave you with one less problem to worry about!

  • Carrying Freedom

    – carry it just the way you like – on your body, in a plane, or on a horse – you get complete freedom. With twin handles, adjustable shoulder strap, and side hooks, the leather bag can be carried around easy-peasy!

  • Rugged Construction

    – just touching the bag will give you an idea that this Leather duffle bag is built to last. The base is padded to keep your supplies safe, and the overall design is based on leather. Toss it around – even rough usage won’t hurt.

  • Zipper Closure

    – opening up the top belt closure reveals a wide zipper through which you can access its contents quite easily.

  • Ample Space

    – with one main compartment, and multiple pockets outside, everything from clothes, passport, documents, and magazines can be stored without issues.

  • Size – 12” H x 24” L x D 11”