Leather A4 Notebook Cover - Oxford

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For a professional look at the interview!

Leather A4 Notebook Cover OXFORD is made out of genuine leather. Comprising a dedicated full-length slot for carrying A4 notebook, the Leather A4 Notebook Cover bears several slots for important cards and documents to get you through that interview you have been dreading about for long!

  • Ample Space

    – easily store that A4 notebook you want to carry along for taking notes. Plus, the freedom to carry a few important cards along such as your business card, someone’s address or any other document seals the deal!
  • Lightweight

    ­– compact and featherweight, the mens compendium folder is very light to carry along.
  • Snap Closure

    – you can close the Leather A4 Notebook Cover shut with a thin but strong leather strip comprising dual snap fasteners. It makes a therapeutic ‘tich’ sound upon closing, and takes about a second to open and close.
  • Better Organization

    ­– stay organised for that important meeting, interview, and traveling.with Leather A4 Notebook Cover

Size – 13” x 9” (33 x 23 cm) Approx.