Leather Stationery Pencil Case - Miller

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The most roomy pencil case for your stationery!

Miller pencil case Australia is a light brown leather pouch with a free gliding zipper. What makes it the best pencil case is its space rich interior that easily accommodates a number of stationery items ranging from pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, and crayons to glue sticks, scissors and so much more. Another plus point is its affordably medium size for better portability!

  • Genuine Leather

    – you don’t find a lot of leather pencil cases in the market, so it’s your chance to stand out. Carrying your stationery around was never this sophisticated as it is with this new leather pencil case.
  • Zipper Closure

    – a free gliding zipper seals the storage compartment securely holding on to your stationery. The zipper is smooth to slide and doesn’t hang or get stuck.
  • Stay Organized

    – no more slipping your pencils and other accessories in bag pockets, which makes it extremely hard to take them out when needed. Now store all stationery in this lush pencil case and stay organized.
  • Portable

    – thanks to its small form factor, the pencil case can be easily stored in your purse, toiletry bag or anything else.

Size – 8” L x 4” H