PU Leather vs Top Grain Leather: What's the Difference and Which Should You Choose?


What is PU Leather?

PU leather is a type of leather that is infused with polyurethane. It has multiple uses in the market, including furniture, shoes, bags, belts.

A PU Leather product is moulded into its final form, which, unlike other types of leather, does not require further processing to create the desired shape.

The main difference between PU Leather and cowhide leather is that while it can be dyed easily to match different colours or patterns, it doesn't come with any natural markings or imperfections.

What Is Top Grain Leather?

Top grain leather is a natural leather from cows given grain by their feed to fatten them up for slaughter. Nowadays, the top grain is rare and considered "genuine," but it was sourced in bulk and traded globally in days past. It is still possible to find top grain hide today even though it's no longer regarded as genuine; you can purchase top grain leather at an auction house or directly from the tanneries themselves. Additionally, pre-19th century cattle hide was comprised mainly of the top.

PU Leather vs. Cow leather - What's the difference?

Cow leather is a type of leather made from the skin of cows. It is typically tanned using vegetable dyes, whereas PU leather is a synthetic material that uses synthetic dyes. Cowhide can be tanned in various ways to produce different end products.

Cow Leather: Made from the skin of cows, cowhide can be tanned in various ways to produce different end products.

PU Leather: Made from synthetic materials, PU has no natural animal-derived materials, and it typically uses synthetic dyes.

Why Choose Top Grain leather over PU Leather?

Top grain leather is produced from the outer layer of the hide, while PU leather is made out of a blend of cotton, plastic and polyurethane.

PU leather has lower water absorption than top-grain leather, which makes it perfect for making things like tablet cases, backpacks, briefcases and other items that are prone to getting wet.

Top Grain Leather is more durable than PU Leather and thus can be used for things like high-quality shoes because the material doesn't wear down quickly.

The Difference Between Genuine & Fake PU Leather

PU stands for polyurethane. Today's leather we see on our bags and shoes is not the same as the one created thousands of years ago. Instead, the material has been modified to include synthetic fibres like PVC, polyester, nylon, and acrylic. Today's fake PU leathers are made from these materials, making them cheaper to produce and easier to maintain.

The difference between genuine & fake PU leathers is difficult to note unless you make sure your purchase comes with a label like "Genuine Leather" or conforms to specific standards.

How to Identify the Difference Between Genuine & Fake Leather?

Fake leather is the cheaper alternative to genuine leather, but it does not have the same quality.

The most common difference between fake and genuine leather is that fake leather lacks the distinctive patterns of genuine leather. For example, if you look at a cowhide, you will notice that the pattern on each side of it has distinctive markings. This means that fake or synthetic products lack these markings and are made more uniformly.

There are also other differences, like how it feels to touch, smell, and sound while walking on them.

What are the Differences Between PU Leather and Top Grain Leather?

There are many benefits of choosing PU leather over standard top grain leather. PU stands for polyurethane, which is cheaper and more durable than top grain leather.

PU leather is considered to be an advanced material that provides its users with several benefits. For example, it is water-resistant, so you will not experience the hassle of constantly taking care of your shoes if they get wet or dirty.

A Clear Comparison of the Pros & Cons of PU vs Top Grain Leather

The pumice stone has been around for centuries. It is primarily used in the beauty industry for facial scrubbing, body exfoliation, and body scrubbing. Top grain leathers have been around since the early 20th century and have a lot of advantages over PU leathers.

PU Leather: PU leather is a kind of artificial synthetic leather that's a lot cheaper than top grain leather. PU gets its name because it's made from polyurethane - a polyether polymer created from diisocyanates or polyisocyanates by adding an organic compound to the chemical reaction.

Top Grain Leather: Top grain leather is made from natural hide - typically cowhide, buffalo hide, lamb hide, horsehide, goat hide - and is graded to determine its

Top Grain vs PU Leather: a Comparison in Quality & Durability

PU leather is synthetic and vinyl, which is a type of plastic. It is known to be an affordable and durable material. Therefore, it has been used to produce clutches, wallets, cases and belts for decades.

Top Grain leather goods are made from the finest quality leather that goes through a process called "top grain tanning." This ensures no chemicals are leaching into the finished product and using natural oils from animals to preserve the colours.

The durability of PU Leather products depends on how long they last and how often you use them. If you use it too often or too harshly, it can start to lose its colour over time and become brittle in some cases.

What are the Main Advantages of Top Grain Over PU?

There are many advantages of buying full-grain leather goods over PVC-free products. However, PU has some disadvantages when it comes to durability and longevity. As for water resistance, it is not very effective in most cases.

PVC-free products are not as durable as their counterparts with full-grain leathers that come with natural oil.

The main advantage of full-grain leather over PVC free products is that they are more personalizable than their counterparts. In addition, they offer better grip and increased texture than their plastic counterparts to be more comfortable on the user's hand or body.

Another advantage of these materials is that they provide more colour options, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck with a colour that goes well with your dress or outfit.

Why Choose Top Grain Leather Goods over PU?

The leather industry has been around for centuries, and it continues to be one of the most critical industries in the world.

When you're looking to buy a new bag or wallet, leather is the obvious choice. But why choose top grain leather goods over PU? As a buyer, you should always look for durable and well-made products that will last for years. For example, if you buy a PU product, it will start to crack and peel after only a few months of use. This is because PU is made from polyurethane and is not as durable as it sounds. At the same time, top-grain leather goods are made from cowhide that has been tanned using natural ingredients such as water and oils extracted from plants such as tannin from oak bark.

Conclusion on the Differences Between Top Grain and PU Leatherette

The introduction of PU Leatherette has led to a lot of confusion for buyers. They are often looking for the Difference between Top Grain and PU leather, made of polyurethane. 

Top Grain Leather is made from the top layer of an animal hide, while PU Leather is made from synthetic materials like polyurethane or polyester. Top Grain Leather has natural markings because it's not processed or coloured like PU Leather. It also has a more natural feel and typically contains a grain that gives it a broken-in texture. However, some companies use synthetic pigments to colour their Top Grain leather products to look more appealing.

What are the differences between PU Leather and Top Grain Leather?

PU Leathers are the most common type of leather, and it is made from polyurethane. Therefore, they are easy to clean and do not require much care such as brushing, steaming, etc. On the other hand, Top Grain Leathers are made from natural fibres, requiring more maintenance.


Polyurethane is a synthetic rubber-like material used to make plastics, polyester fibres or any other engineering polymer.


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What are the benefits of PU Leather?

PU leather is a type of leather that is made out of polyurethane. It is a durable and stable material that doesn't fade by UV rays and is easily cleaned.

There are many benefits that PU Leather offers to the market, such as:

- Durable: PU Leather will not fade or crack by UV rays and can be easily cleaned.

- Flexible: PU leather is very flexible and stretchable, making it ideal for furniture, bags, shoes, home decor items, etc.

- Lightweight: The lightweight nature of the material makes it great for use in clothing and other fashion accessories.

- Eco Friendly: If you're looking to improve your eco-footprint, then this is the perfect material for you!

What are the benefits of Top Grain Leather?

Top Grain Leather is a type of leather that is not treated with chemicals or oils. It is considered to be the best and most durable kind of leather.

Top grain leather has a natural aging process which makes it look more beautiful. The hide can be used for furniture, jackets, shoes and other items.

Top grain leather can also make high-quality handbags and wallets because it does not shrink or stretch when used for making these products.

Top grain leather has been used in high-end luxury goods for centuries because it lasts longer than other kinds of leather and doesn't require as much maintenance.

How can you tell which type of leather is better?

The quality of leather depends on the leather's qualities, age, and treatment. Therefore, when buying a leather product, you should not be fooled by the price tag.

The qualities of a particular type of leather are described in its rating or rating system. You can find out about them by reading reviews from other people who have bought the product.

The various types of rating systems in use in the industry include:

- Leather Working Group (LWG) rating system

- The American Leather Craft Council (ALCC) rating system

- The Creative Leather Association (CLA) rating system

- The Australian Standard for Product Certification for Leather Products

To ensure that all leather products are compliant with Australian Standards, the Australian Leather Standards Board developed an Australian Standard for Product Certification for Leather Products in 2016. This standard provides a set of criteria and procedures to create a level playing field in the market for consumers to access reliable, safe and high-quality leather products.

Why should you choose PU leather over Top Grain leather?

Top Grain leather is the most expensive type of leather due to its good quality. However, it is also the softest and most comfortable because it sheds less. PU leather, on the other hand, is made of polyurethane. This material requires more processing before it can be used to make anything from a bag to a pair of shoes. It also has a more rigid surface which makes it less flexible and harder to work with.

PU leather does not have as much maintenance as Top Grain leather, so they are better for those who want a low-maintenance product.

What is the difference in look, feel, and durability of PU and Top Grain Leather?

PU is a kind of synthetic leather that is produced by using polyurethane. It has a glossy finish that can get dirty quickly, but it is better in wet conditions. It has the same look and feels like genuine leather.

Top Grain Leather are made from cowhide or horsehide, which are also known as prime hides. These hides are usually used for saddles, bridles, and equestrian goods. Top Grain material offers durability with an attractive appearance because it offers colour variations, natural markings, and different textures depending on the thickness of the hide.

How does PU Leather compare to other types of leather?

PU Leather is a type of leather that is created by cross-linking polyurethane molecules. The material is flexible and durable and has long been used in the automotive and shoe industries.

Although PU Leather has a lot of benefits, it does not stand out compared to other types of leathers such as cowhide, horsehide, sheepskin or snakeskin.

How much does a top grain leather bag cost compared to a PU leather bag?

The cost of the top grain leather bag is usually more than the PU leather bag. This is because the PU leather bag is less durable, and it can be damaged easily.

Top Grain Leather Bag -  From $300

PU Leather Bag -  From $100

How do I care for my leather bag?

After buying a leather bag, you should care for it properly. This will ensure that your bag lasts for a long time.

If you want to keep your leather bag looking new, there are certain things that you should do to take care of it.

1) Keep the leather clean

2) Check the lining regularly for any tears or worn spots

3) Clean your bag regularly with a dry cloth and mild detergent

Why is top grain leather considered to be more durable than PU leather?

In terms of durability, leather can be classified into two types - top-grain and PU. Both have their pros and cons, but the quality of the leather determines which one is most durable.

Top grain leather is a natural material made by the hide is treated with a coating before being cut apart. It's not painted or dyed in any way and will have a distinct patina-like sheen over time. The downside to this type of leather is that it will fray when pressure is applied to its surface.

PU leathers are created through a chemical process, typically using polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride resins in conjunction with silicone fluids which are sprayed onto the material to create an even finish.

Why is PU leather considered to be cheaper than top grain leather?

When it comes to leather, different qualities go into making a particular type. One of which is the type of leather that it is made out of - top-grain or PU.

PU stands for polyurethane, and it is an artificial material. It can be found in many things today, such as flooring, shoes, car seats, sporting goods, furniture and clothing. But what does this mean for the price?

Most people might think PU leather is cheaper than top grain because it's not natural, but this isn't entirely true. Instead, the quality of top-grain leather is considered superior to that of PU because of its durability and strength, making them more expensive overall.

What is the cost of PU leather vs top grain leather?

PU leather is a kind of imitation leather that is more cheaply priced than top grain leather. It has primarily cosmetic purposes and is not as durable. On the other hand, top-grain leather has an appearance that is very similar to natural skin.

The cost of PU leather vs top-grain leather can be hard to calculate because it depends on the type of material used and the quality of the product. A good quality PU material will cost more than a low quality one, which makes it hard to tell if buying PU or top-grain would be cheaper in the long run.

Top-grain leather costs around $8-$12 per square foot, while PU costs about $20 per square foot.

Which type of leather is more durable?

The answer to the question is calfskin.

It has a soft and smooth surface that is easy to maintain.

Calfskin is also durable and doesn't break easily.

What are the advantages of PU leather over top grain leather?

PU leather is a type of synthetic leather that is made from polyurethane rather than natural animal hide. As a result, it has a softer and more breathable texture than the top grain leather.

As PU is a synthetic material, it can be produced significantly and lower than top grain leather. Furthermore, PU leather doesn't need as much care as top grain leather, so it's easier to maintain and clean. Top grain finished with wax or other protective coatings last longer but require more maintenance and time than PU leather does without needing such coatings.

How do you know if your current purse is made of PU or top grain leather?

When it comes to the quality of material, you have to be cautious about the type of leather.

Top grain leather is considered one of the most expensive types of leather used in luxury bags. The difference between top grain and PU is that PU doesn't have grain but instead has a smooth surface.

If you're looking for a new purse, it's essential to look at not just how much it costs but also how well-crafted it is. If you want to make sure your new investment will last for years, you'll need something made with top-grain leather.

What is the Difference between PU Leather and Top Grain Leather?

If you're looking for the Difference between PU and Top Grain Leather, then don't worry because we've got you covered.

PU leather is known for its water resistance and durability, while Top Grain Leather is preferred for its softness and comfort.

What are the best uses for PU Leather?

PU Leather is a type of leather made from polyurethane that is oil and water-resistant. It has a high shine and texture that can be used in a variety of applications.

The PU Leather is used in shoes, jackets, bags, furniture, automotive parts, computer accessories and much more.

What are the best uses for Top Grain Leather?

The best uses for Top Grain Leather include:

- Furniture and car interiors

- Furniture and home décor

- Fashion accessories

- Fashion belts and bags

How much does it cost to buy a piece of PU Leather?

This is a good question, considering the many different types of leather. What might have been a luxury item in the past has now become an affordable option.

PU leather is one of the most common types of leather, with its main advantage being that it can easily be cleaned and disinfected by being exposed to water.

How much does it cost to buy a piece of Top Grain Leather?

Buying top grain leather is a lot more expensive than buying ordinary leather. This is because, to produce top grain leather, the most critical part - the grain of the leather - needs to be preserved.


Note: The cleaning and leather care tips provided here are general suggestions. It's crucial to consider the specific type of leather and the individual item. For personalised guidance and to address specific concerns, always consult with a professional or refer to manufacturer recommendations. The information offered here is for informational purposes only and may not be suitable for all situations.


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