The 5 Bags Every Woman Should Own - What to Know

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While it is a tempting thought to purchase a unique bag to match every outfit in your wardrobe, it is, unfortunately, impractical and unrealistic. There are people who do get stuck with a closetful of quirky and patterned bags that only look best when paired with one or two ensembles.

The fact is, you only need to invest in a handful of handbags made from high-quality materials in timeless designs. You can streamline your apparel and still look stylish and on-trend by selecting neutral colors, classic shapes, with minimal embellishments. Keeping only a few bags in your closet makes it easier to decide what to wear and what to wear it with. 

If you don’t want to waste your money on one-outfit wonders, here are our suggestions for the five bags every woman should own: 

1. The everyday tote 

No matter your schedule, this bag should be the one you can grab when you need to rush out the door for a quick grocery run or to meet a friend for lunch. A tote bag has large handles and a roomy interior that can carry half of your room, if necessary. A chic leather tote is something you can take with you anywhere, anytime. 

2. The work purse 

Whatever you're profession, you need a smart and sensible bag that you can take with you to your job. A work purse is a structured and functional handbag that carries everything you need for work without looking like you are lugging a suitcase around. Ideally, it should be large enough to fit a work laptop or tablet so you can move from your client meetings to the boardrooms with ease. 

3. A weekend duffel 

You should have a bag that will be big enough for you to take on quick trips for two or three nights at a time. A good leather weekender bag is something you can pull out of your closet, pack, and throw into the back of your car on short notice. It should be substantial enough for several outfit changes, your toiletry bag, and a good paperback or two. 

4. An evening clutch 

You will need something to bring with you to formal occasions, like weddings or corporate events. Long gowns and flowy dresses shouldn’t be overpowered by your accessories so keep a small clutch in your collection. Leather clutches can provide a luxurious accent to any simple gown. Choose a class design in black or taupe with enough room for your mobile phone and a few essentials, and you’ll be red-carpet-ready anytime. 

5. The stylish shoulder bag  

More sturdy than a tote yet less serious than your work satchel, the shoulder bag is something you can pair with jeans or a pretty sundress. This in-between bag is neither too big nor too small. It is something you can bring with you to Saturday brunch or a casual dinner. Shoulder bags can be fashion-forward without being too trendy. This bag can be your companion when you let your hair down but still want to stand out. 

The key to curating a small but useful collection is to choose bags made from high-end materials. You can choose a simple design with minimal embellishments so they can take you through several fashion seasons. Stick to classic shapes and neutral colors to achieve a timeless look. 

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