Leather Laptop Bag - Jersey

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Lively, unique, and organized!

Nothing else better defines Jersey Leather Laptop Bag. It has all the essentials needed for a daily use bag that lets you cut through the crowd. Strap support, and a large magnetic closure help you maintain a professional look when you walk down the road or enter your office premises. Light brown color code looks decent and goes well with your outfit and personality!

  • Takes a Heartbeat to Access Items

    – with Jersey laptop bag you’re a lot more organized. Flip the fling and find your required accessory in a heartbeat.
  • Sling Support –

    carrying the bag around is easy-peasy as you get a fully adjustable sling support which can be detached as well. Jersey laptop satchel delivers comfort and ease on your travels.
  • Keep Your Laptop Protected

    – a special fully lined and padded shock-absorbing compartment is located under the carefully mounted flap for maximum protection for your laptop. You won’t end up with a broken LCD screen anymore.
  • Ample Storage

    – underneath the leather flap lies a large compartment featuring multiple small and medium sized zipped pockets. Utilize this for storing cellphone, passport, books, documents, files, cosmetics and much more. Likewise, on the outside, Jersey laptop bag features yet another large sized zip pocket for quick access.

Size ­– 11” Tall x 15” Wide x 4” Deep