Leather Laptop Bag - Jersey

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Leather Laptop Bag- Jersey

It is easy to make a bold statement, all while staying organized when you use our leather laptop bag.Perfect for elevating the fashion of any outfit, while remaining professional and hip, leather laptop bags are the best way to keep everything you need to work, create, or play within reach and organized while on the go.

Whether you are heading out to an off-site meeting, going to sip on an Americano while getting some work done at a cafe, or simply just heading into class or the office, the vintage leather laptop bag is the perfect way to not only stay organized and look good, but also to make an eco-friendly statement.

By purchasing a handmade leather laptop bag, you are contributing to the environmentally-friendly nature of individuals taking time and effort to make high-quality products by hand - all while using less energy than the mass-produced production of these goods. Because of this, these leather laptop bags are original, individualized, and unique, all while being better for the environment, too.

The process used in creating these leather laptop bags does not use a lot of the harmful chemicals that are used for processing in a lot of the mass-produced production sites.

While being eco-conscious is important, functionality is also important when it comes to keeping yourself organized is vital, as well. With a leather laptop bag, you have space for your laptop, phone, cords, and other materials needed on the go. As well, leather laptop bags have comfortable, adjustable straps to make them as comfortable to wear as they are nice to look at.

Because leather is such a durable material, you will not have any fear flinging you leather laptop bag over your shoulder every day. Even when leather starts to dull or fade, it is far from ruined - it just takes on a new life.

Laptop Bag Specifications,

Measurement : Width 15" Length: 11"

Note: Our Vintage leather bags are organically tanned and handmade, hence each product is unique and the color of item might slightly vary as are made out of different leather cut out. And due to different computer screens. The leather used in this bag darkens with usage (and makes it more attractive) so do not worry much about the colour. The leather being treated naturally MAY sometimes have some odour which fades away in just a few days of use. Leather used is full grain leather, Full grain leather retains the scars / marks on the leather skin giving each bag a vintage feel & different look.

You are sure to get many compliments when you carry this perfect laptop bag. Buy now this vintage leather laptop bag to add in your collection.

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