Leather Tote - Yarrow

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LEATHER TOTE - YARROW Specification,

Classic fashion with a tinge of vintage beauty!

Leather Tote – Yarrow is your daily driver that blends well in all kinds of environment. Whether you are in your office space or roaming through the city’s bustling streets, dining at your favourite cafe or touring to the beach – the tote bag looks magnificent everywhere!

  • Chic Design

    – a style that will leave a mark. Now shop in style and let people stealthily stare for catching a slight of our most alluring handbag you’re holding.

  • Highly Durable

    – crafted by skilled workers with attention to detail, this large leather tote bag is increasingly durable. Toss it around to test its mettle!

  • Better Mobility

    – tote bag doesn’t restrict mobility or bog you down. It hangs conveniently from your shoulder so you can enjoy free movement.

  • Ample Storage

    – you will find a large zip compartment for storing most of your belongings. Additionally, a front pocket measuring 5.5” L x 4” H is also included for quick access to passport, keys and tickets.

Size – 14” L x 12” H. Shoulder Strap – 7” L