Tobacco Pouch - Marco

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Where style meets comfort!

Vintage Leather presents a tobacco pouch that will make you look sophisticated when you take that tobacco out to roll a joint. Marco tobacco pouch is selling like hot-cakes in Australia and is extremely popular among those who like to take care of their smokes. Wait no more, and order this lush leather built handy tobacco pouch right now!

  • Rugged Construction

    – the exterior may look at tough and rugged, but the interior is remarkably rubbery smooth. This is deliberately done to keep the rolling paper, filters, and other tobacco stuff in shape.
  • Beautiful Brown

    – the tobacco pouch boasts a relatively darker shade of brown for a classy vintage look. The best part about this color is that it looks fresh every time you look at it!
  • Roomy

    – with one large compartment, Marco tobacco pouch is spacious enough to keep your recreational supplies organized.

Size – 15 cm Tall x 15 cm