Leather Messenger Bag - Melbourne Brown

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Just as high-spirited and vibrant is Melbourne, the same vibe is noticeable in this leather messenger bag. Whether you’re a school goer or a professional commuting to office every day, we guarantee, this brown leather bag will elevate your style like never before!

  • Commodious

    – this men’s and women’s messenger bag can now store much more commodities, thanks to the main compartment concealed beneath the flap, and another open pocket of medium size. Now carry all school textbooks, notes, and stationery in one slinger.
  • Breeze

    – the bag doesn’t bog you down in any way. Cross-shoulder strap keeps the leather bag in place without interfering with your legs. Wearing the bag and moving around is a BREEZE!
  • Durable Leather

    – only the best of best quality leather is used in its construction, making it the perfect travel shoulder bag. Base is padded and lined, forcing the bag to sit upright!
  • Back Pocket

    – voluminous back zipper is included for quick access to your earphones, passport, and other commodities in a heartbeat.

Size – 11” H x 16” L