Leather Messenger Bag - Easton

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Blessed with a magnetic closure flap, and a dedicated fully padded laptop compartment, Easton Leather Messenger Bag is what you should be ordering RIGHT NOW if you want to ease your routine. Tired of carrying those burly bags that bog your walk and look unprofessional? Think no more, and get this eye-catchy vintage leather bag right now!

  • Leave Nothing Behind

    – with an interior so spacious, you can now put in copious amounts of items without worrying about the bag getting full anytime soon. Check the images to get a better idea on how commodious it is when viewed from top!
  • Dedicated Compartments

    – 2x medium sized pockets on the front. A fully functional zipper on the back, and another large sized pocket just above the zipper for storing newspapers, magazines etc. There’s a laptop compartment that is lined and padded to keep your gadget protected against yanks and bumps.
  • Magnetic Closure

    – the flap closes swiftly and tightly, preventing your accessories from slipping outside.
  • Dominating Vintage Colour

    – like a delicious dark chocolate, the colour is refreshing and appealing to the eyes. Elevate your style but in a professional manner with the new Easton leather messenger bag!

Size – 13” Tall x 15” Wide x 4” Deep