Leather Ladies Wallet- Laurel

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Built with attention to detail, Laurel womens wallet delivers a candid fashion statement.

Whether you’re heading out to an elaborate party, or a professional meeting room, Laurel leather ladies purse is what you should be taking with you. Ample space and quick access to everything inside are some of the exciting features that make this wallet a must-have for ladies who want to complement their outfit and look organised at the same time.

  • Tri-fold Wallet

    – you get plenty of space as you can see the wallet is tri-fold with numerous storage options. From zipped pocket to several other card pockets, everything’s within your reach.

  • Rugged Construction

    – built to last, this ladies wallet is made from high quality buffalo leather, and this is reflected in its rugged build. It won’t wrinkle, or give up even when you fill it to max.

  • Modest Form Factor

    – based on 7” H, 4” W, 1.3” D, this can be your ideal leather travel wallet. It fits nicely into the hand and looks amazing in pictures.

  • High Quality Zippers

    – zippers are free-gliding and present only the standard resistance when opening. You will find one inside, and another just behind the flap.