Leather Glass Case - Divo

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Carry your shades along in the most secure and handmade stitched leather glass case!

When you’re traveling or touring to the beach, it’s always tempting to carry your most classy sunglasses along. But most of the times, either you don’t have the case or the case looks too old school. With the most fashionable, leather made DIVO glass case, look stylish and stay organized!

  • No More Scratches

    – purely genuine buffalo hide made sunglasses case has a very soft and rubbery interior to keep your expensive and classy glasses scratch and smudge free.
  • Snap-Fastener Closure

    – the sunglasses goes inside the pouch and is held securely with a snap fastener in the center. It’s tight enough to not open accidently.
  • One Size Fits All

    – the leather glasses case can be used for any kind of glasses including prescription glasses. Measuring at 15 cm Tall x 25 cm, the size fits glasses of any shape and size.
  • Handmade 

    - built by craftsmen with their experienced hands, the leather case retains its shape, and texture after years of use. Stitching and polishing are done following the best practices.

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