The Ohio Backpack | Girl Backpack

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Meet the finest work of Vintage Leather!

Delivered with finesse and attention to detail, Ohio Leather Backpack is an absolute stunner to look at. While the looks have their own special place, the backpack bag makes sure it does the job it is created for i.e. keeps your stuff organized on the go!

  • Rectangular Design

    – a little different from other small backpacks in Australia, this particular travel backpack is styled in a rectangular fashion. This unique design choice makes storage easier. Put it anywhere and it will adjust.
  • Overwhelming Vintage Appeal

    – the outward appearance stands witness to the original leather used in its construction. The drop-dead vintage appeal, coupled with premium soft finishing, will project a whole different vibe!
  • Remarkable Carrying Ease

    ­– just on the backside, you will find leather coated shoulder buckles for wearing the backpack with enhanced comfort. The buckles are fully adjustable.
  • Handle Support

    – apart from the shoulder buckles, you will find handle support as well right on the top for that distinguished briefcase look.
  • Front & Back Pocket 

    Zipper closure on front to reveal large storage space. Inside, you will find a number of small and medium pockets for storing items of various shapes and sizes. On the backside, another medium-sized zipper is included for quick access.

Size – 13 ” Tall x 12” Wide x 3.5” Deep

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