Leather Messenger Bag - Brooklyn

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Cloaked in the characteristic brown shade, Brooklyn is our one of the most sophisticated leather messenger bags. Equipped with sling, nylon handle, and a wide flap, the travel shoulder bag offers quick access pocketing, better organization, and a spectacular style!

  • Impressive Seams

    – seams are done perfectly fine and this reflects in how composed the leather bag looks.
  • Refreshing Color Accents

    – the color shades turn from light to dark on certain spots, which is a testimony that the bag has been crafted from natural leather without artificial enhancers and mixers.
  • Handle Support

    – apart from the shoulder sling that extends from your shoulder to the waist, you also get a non-slip nylon handle support for quickly moving around if you don’t want your walk incapacitated by the slightly wiggling brown bag.
  • Compartments

    – lifting the flap reveals the main compartment, useful for tucking in the most part of your supplies, and then on the back, you see another large zipper for storing quick access items.

Size – 11” H x 15” L