Leather Duffle Bag - Panama

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Make that weekender trip worth your while with the brand new super-durable Leather Duffle Bag - Panama. This particular variant, the Panama duffle bag is a stunner for travel freaks. Being meticulously crafted from only the best quality leather, the overnight bag can store and carry all of your valuables you will ever need on your voyage over the weekend!

  • Dual Handle Support

    – located on each side of the main zipper closure, the handles are coated with soft padding, so you don’t feel pain or discomfort when handling. In addition, the strategic location distributes weight equally, letting you handle the holiday bag a lot more professionally.

  • Multiple Zipper Support

    – you will find the main zipper on the top, which takes only a second to open and close for easier access to its contents. Inside, several other small pockets with and without zippers are included for keeping everything from clothes, and adaptors, to pens and water bottles.

  • Large External Zipper

    outside, you will find another large zipper for holding your magazines, books or even dirty footwear to keep it away from the rest of the items.

  • Robust and Durable

    – Panama duffle bag has a unique sturdiness to it that sets it apart from other bags in its competition. Reinforced stitching, hand-sewn, and lightweight fabric work in tandem to make it the most desirable weekender bag.

Size – 13.5” Tall x 22” Wide x 10” Deep