Leather Duffle Bag - Essex

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Leather Duffle Bag – Essex is the ultimate weekender bag, with a premium vibe and sporty look. Carry it around with utmost ease, without letting the overnight bag bog you down when walking. Twin handles support keeps you composed whilst maintaining a professional appearance, and keeping your luggage together!

  • Premium Quality Leather

    – crafted from the best soft leather, the duffle bag is the perfect holiday travel choice. Unlike those bags that give in when filled to the max, this overnight bag is different. Whether you fill it half, or tuck in luggage to the maximum, the bag will retain its shape and texture regardless.

  • Zipper Closure

    – with wider zipper closure, everything is just a heartbeat away. Zipper closure makes the bag easy-to-open and shut!

  • Inner Pockets

    – after you open the main compartment, you will find several smaller pockets inside. Store your valuables such as mobile phones, currency, passport, and other documents inside for peace of mind.

  • Reinforced Webbing

    – twin handles and shoulder straps are designed with reinforced webbing, making it the ideal leather shoulder bag for holiday and travel.

  • Larger Storage

    – measuring at 10” H x 22” L x D 10” you can now pack a lot more to get through your weekender trip easy-peasy!