Vintage Leather Handmade Wallets

February 02, 2018

Vintage Leather Handmade Wallets


Nowadays image is highly important. Some people spend hours in the mirror, checking the way their clothes fit them, looking at the way in which their hair falls and making their last retouches before going out the door. However, image no longer consists only of the things you wear.

The items you use have also become an important part of your image and most of the times they are the little details which make an appearance unforgettable. A good looking bag, well-chosen jewelry or a stylish pair of glasses can turn heads instantly. In this category of items which successfully complete a perfect image, we can also place the wallet.

Whether you are choosing a handmade leather wallet for yourself or someone close to your heart, it's worth remembering that money isn't everything

While it once used to be just a small bag-like item in which we placed our money and sometimes even our credit cards and ID card has become an accessory used for making an impression, showing a polished personality and refined style.

You'd surely need too much of it to pocket Dolce & Gabbana's gorgeous $695 bi-fold in black stud-accented goatskin. In which case, you'd no doubt be more interested in a snug home for your Black Amex than a fist of greenbacks.

For the rest of us, there's still plenty of styles to be had for under a hundred bucks.

Take the Black Jack Georges Croco Collection BiFold men's wallet, for example. Handcrafted from the finest Italian leather, lined with soft American steer hide for added strength. A relative steal at around $80.

Still more than you had in mind? A fine specimen in premium buff calf leather, a wonderfully soft leather chosen for its ability to develop a rich, natural patina with age. A snip at less than $40.

Lower still? No worries. The Geoffrey Beene Men's Passcase Billfold will leave you with change from $25 if you shop around. Resplendent in aniline cow calf leather, its silken softness is a treat for the senses.

Truth be told, you can pay any price you like for a handmade leather wallet and still end up loving it.

It is no wonder that when you get your handmade leather wallet out of your bag or pocket to pay for something, all eyes will instantly turn in that direction. Some will look at what you have in it, but most of them will try to form an impression of your tastes.

Handmade Leather wallets are by far the most appreciated types of wallets nowadays because leather is perceived as an elegant and precious fabric, suitable for those with fine tastes, regardless of their social status. It is a soft fabric, nice to touch and very durable so that apart from its great appearance, it is also very comfortable to use.

Handmade Leather wallets are available in lots of different shapes and colors, so there will be plenty of such items from which you can choose. They can be easily matched with your purse or your outfit. There is no way you could ever get bored with them.

There are also different types of leather from which wallets can be made. This will significantly dictate their appearance, durability, and price. While the most affordable types of leather wallets can be purchased for only $25, the more exotic leather wallets can go up to a few thousand dollars.

Even though handmade leather wallets may seem a little too pricey for some, they are definitely worth each and every dollar you spend on them. They are elegant accessories which can make a difference in the way you are perceived by others.

They are very soft to touch and highly durable (more durable than fabric wallets) so that you can wear them for a long time without them getting damaged or out of fashion!